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Mindfield® Biosystems Ltd. is a manufacturer of biofeedback and neurofeedback devices, wellness products and software.

Our specialties are biofeedback and neurofeedback, modern, scientifically based methods for measuring and regulating various physiological parameters (e.g. muscle activity, pulse, respiration, brain waves, …).

Our profile is supplemented by many years of experience in the field of audiovisual stimulation (AVS, also mind machines / mental trainers).

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What actually is biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a modern, scientifically based training method.

With the help of measuring devices and a computer, bodily processes that are not perceived or only imprecisely are reported back and thus made visible and conscious. This can be, for example, muscle tension, pulse, breathing or temperature.

The trainer can use these measurement parameters to give his client more detailed feedback. Through this clear feedback, the client learns to influence physical processes.



Biofeedback with the Mindfield® eSense

Our Mindfield eSense sensors help you to reduce tension and stress and specifically train relaxation using biofeedback. The eSense are all used using a single eSense app and a smartphone or tablet (Android and Apple iOS). The eSense app is included in the price of the sensors. Sie können außerdem die Stream measurement data directly to a PC with our SDK and our eSense Dashboard.

We humans perceive stress and tension differently, so we have summarized which eSense should suit you best in which case:

Which eSense is suitable for what?

The eSense Skin Response measures the skin conductance (skin resistance, EDA).

Choose the Skin Response at:

  • with sweaty hands
  • with worries and distractions
  • in an excited mood
  • in an excited mood
  • with poor impulse control

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The eSense Temperature measures the skin temperature.

Select the Temperature at:

  • with cold hands or feet
  • with general stress and tension
  • with weak circulation
  • when tired and restless
  • to increase the depth of meditation

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The eSense Pulse measures the heartbeat (heart rate variability, HRV).

Choose the Pulse at:

  • with racing heartbeat, tightness in the chest
  • with chronic stress
  • when you have trouble relaxing
  • with rapid and shallow breathing
  • in the absence of energy
  • for coaching and in sports

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The eSense Respiration measures breathing.

Choose the Respiration at:

  • with rapid and shallow breathing
  • with hyperventilation
  • in case of drowsiness
  • to practice abdominal breathing
  • to balance the breathing cycle

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The eSense Muscle is able to measure and evaluate this electromyographic activity and transmit it to a device via Bluetooth®.

Use the eSense Muslce to:

  • training the muscles
  • strengthening of the muscles
  • Relaxation of typical stress muscles (forehead, jaw, shoulder, neck)
  • release of tension
  • coordination exercises
  • muscle building

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The Mindfield® eSense EEGenius is a new, state-of-the-art EEG device for home neurofeedback training. It was developed specifically for easy, intuitive use by end users after extensive planning and testing.

Use the eSense EEGenius to:

  • Improvement of attention and concentration
  • Improvement of cognitive skills
  • Training of calmness, composure and relaxation
  • Reduction of restlessness and nervousness
  • Improving the quality of sleep

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Article about breath training in BBC

An article in the BBC discusses the benefits of breathing training. A new study found that slow breathing can reduce amyloid plaque formation in the brain. This could be a new approach to preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Link to the article on BBC

New Sales Distributer in Taiwan

KYS Technology Co., Ltd. is our new sales distributer in Taiwan. KYS is focused on physiological and psychological cognitive research.

You can find the contact details of KYS either on our page or check out the homepage of KYS.

Training with the eSense Pulse improves sleep quality in a study

The influence of HRV biofeedback training on sleep quality was examined in a scientific study carried out at the University Medical Center of the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz.

The HRV training was carried out with the eSense Pulse and the study came to the following conclusions: “The available data indicate that the mobile HRV-BF intervention with 0.1 Hz respiration improves the subjective sleep quality and the vagal activity in healthy individuals.”

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