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Academy for Neurofeedback

Our partner for training, the Academy for Neurofeedback offers you multiple levels of education, such as neurofeedback-trainer, neurofeedback-therapist, and neurofeedback- instructor. All apprenticeships end with an exam and a certificate.

Please feel free to inform yourself on the following website: www.akademie-neurofeedback.deCourses are held in German only.

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inMotion VR

inMotion VR is changing healthcare by providing adaptive, precise and personalized exercises in virtual reality. Using VR in physical therapy optimizes therapy and gives optimal outcomes while reducing healthcare cost and increasing patient therapy loyalty. We believe that through fun, gamified exercise, healing becomes easier! Having a great technologie like VR rockets therapy from a mostly boring and repetitive ‘must-do’, into a whole new gamified world of healing.

Corpus VR is a platform for physio- and neurotherapy that can be used as a therapy for physical rehabilitation, pain relief and treating physical anxiety disorders. As a platform, accessible through an app, Corpus VR holds a variety of training exercises for neck and shoulders.

It uses the strength of VR to focus the patient on their own goals by putting them in different game environments in which they play games. While the therapist controls the degree of difficulty and the patient-specific settings, regarding the relaxation level (based on biofeedback) and the muscle groups the patient needs to train. Therapists can monitor, coach and adjust the intensity of the exercises in real time. Integration of skin response, that measures skin conductivity has been realized with Mindfield. This is an effective method to measure stress and relaxation. The integration of the eSense Pulse to measure heartrate and change VR environment accordingly is also realized with Mindfield.

We are developing to get the whole body (corpus=body in Latin) in VR. Visible, measurable, trainable. In a fully mobile, easy accessible and affordable way for both professionals as patients. In clinic and at home. Connected through remote care/telehealth.


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neuromore provides an opportunity for anybody, to learn to reach and sustain various states of mind. Through real-time neuro- and biofeedback, coupled with highly complex and individually responsive algorithms it is possible, to train states of mind such as focus, relaxation, flow, creativity or concentration.

The neuromore app empowers you to change your state of mind, on demand. It uses customized multimedia experiences and guided biofeedback to help you live from a more focused, relaxed, and creative state of mind.

neuromore Studio provides a representative, drag-and-drop interface that allows everyone to connect and utilize the more complex algorithms that govern our biology in real-time.

The neuromore Engine can help businesses to create smart products, or make their smart products even smarter. Close the gap between your customers and your technology.

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mBrainTrain | Fully Mobile EEG Devices

High-end mobile EEG devices for recording in an unrestricted environment. SMARTING brings convenience and simplicity to complex research experiments.

The SMARTING device is a 24 channel EEG fully mobile device, for measuring brain activity out of the lab, in real life. It records the EEG with an Android App on an Android tablet. Whether paired with a PC or smartphone, SMARTING provides superior data quality and high time-precision.

In our partnership with mBrainTrain, our eSense Skin Response has been integrated to work together with the SMARTING device. Now you can record your skin resistance in parallel to a 24 channel EEG, fully mobile using a Smartphone or Tablet. This is unique and opens broad possibilities in research applications. Please contact mBrainTrain directly for more information.






Our partnerships in science and research

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