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Mindfield® eSense EEGenius | Neurofeedback Home Training

The eSense EEGenius – Neurofeedback home training – unmatched so far

The Mindfield® eSense EEGenius is a new, state-of-the-art EEG device for home neurofeedback training. It was developed specifically for easy, intuitive use by end users after extensive planning and testing.

Using Neurofeedback Heimtaining, a user can perform EEG-based training in a private environment. Different targets can be selected:
  • Improvement of attention and concentration
  • Improvement of cognitive skills
  • Training of calmness, composure and relaxation
  • Reduction of restlessness and nervousness
  • Improving the quality of sleep

Premade, included training programs are oriented to these goals, but it is also possible for so-called supervisors – professional users who can supervise end users – to create and evaluate their own, user-specific training protocols.

During training, different displays and requirements provide motivation and analyses provide information about the training progress.

The software for the eSense EEGenius

The software offers you among other things

  • Two user roles: Normal users (end users) and Supervisors (therapists, trainers, professional users).
  • Predefined training protocols for each training goal
  • User-specific training protocols to be configured by supervisors
  • All common EEG frequency bands & ratios for training
  • Freely selectable feedback videos from YouTube and from your own source
  • Automated, optimal adaptation of training conditions to each user
  • Pre-designed tests for analysis and training protocols based on them
  • User-specific testing to be configured by supervisors
  • Recording and evaluation of all training data and tests
  • Dashboard for progress display and motivation
  • Export of all measurements as CSV and PDF (full access also to raw data for supervisors).

The eSense EEGenius brings neurofeedback to everyone’s home

The device connects directly to a web browser via Bluetooth® and training software can be launched and set up over the Internet. A special, newly developed cap allows easy and quick placement of a measurement electrode on the head (Cz & other positions) and two ear clips form the reference and ground electrode.

Short cables and a clip to attach the device to clothing make the measurement enormously safe and trouble-free.

A built-in real-time impedance measurement captures electrode contact during exercise and provides feedback, ensuring measurement quality. If the contact is too poor or the measurement is disturbed by motion artifacts, the training is paused. This effectively prevents low data quality from impacting training outcomes.

The advantages of neurofeedback home training

Neurofeedback home training opens up a world of possibilities for improving mental health and performance. It is a form of biofeedback training that allows individuals to monitor and modify their electrical brain activity (EEG, electroencephalogram) in real time. Here are some of the key benefits of neurofeedback home training.

  1. Flexibility and Convenience: Neurofeedback home training allows people to do their training on their own time and in their own space. They no longer have to rely on office hours or travel time and can tailor their workouts to their individual needs and lifestyle.
  2. Cost savings: by conducting neurofeedback training sessions at home, you can reduce the cost of training and travel expenses. This makes training more accessible and affordable.
  3. Self-efficacy: with neurofeedback home training, people learn to control their own electrical brain activity. This reinforces a sense of self-efficacy and promotes a proactive attitude toward one’s own health and well-being.
  4. Improve mental health: neurofeedback can help improve overall mood, lower stress levels, promote a balanced emotional state, and support a healthy sleep cycle. Through regular exercise, people can learn to regulate their electrical brain activity and alleviate unwanted symptoms.
  5. Performance enhancement: Neurofeedback can also help improve cognitive function and performance. It can improve concentration, memory, and creative abilities, leading to better performance in school, work, and other areas of life.

In conclusion, neurofeedback home training is an effective and practical method for improving mental health and performance. It offers a flexible, cost-effective and self-reliant solution for people who want to monitor and modify their electrical brain activity to achieve optimal well-being.

Medical Note

The Mindfield eSense sensors are not medical devices and may therefore only be used for stress reduction. If you suffer from a disease, do not perform any treatment on your own and always consult a therapist.

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