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MindMaster Neuro

The neurofeedback device in a new dimension!


With the MindMaster Neuro you have three configurations of a pure neurofeedback device at your disposal:

The MindMaster Neuro 4, 9 and 11.

MindMaster Neuro 4 9 11

The MindMaster Neuro 4The MindMaster Neuro 9 & 11

The MindMaster Neuro 4 is a proven 2-channel EEG device. Already well over 400 satisfied customers rely daily on the reliable technology from our company. The MindMaster Neuro 4 is not based on our new, modular device platform and therefore cannot be individually configured or converted and upgraded. In return, it scores with proven technology and a favorable price.

The MindMaster Neuro 9 and 11 are based on the new Mindfield MindMaster device concept. They have 6-channel EEG and, on the 11, SCP training as well. Of course, you can also configure the device individually here, before or after purchase. The MindMaster Neuro 9 / 11 becomes a MindMaster BioNeuro 9 / 11 in the upgrade, with additional biofeedback functionality if you need it.

NFB Software Module

Standard situations in single and multichannel measurements, mini-QEEG, A-score training, incoherence and coherence training, multichannel monitoring, slow cortical potentials training (SCP training), frequency band training, alpha/theta training, to name just a few training protocols, are among the capabilities of the MindMaster Neuro and software.

Here you can see our available configurations at a glance (in German):
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Our current catalog as PDF (only available in German)