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What are biofeedback devices?

A Biofeedback device is able to measure certain physiological parameters such as respiration, pulse, skin conductivity, skin temperature or brain waves. (The latter is then referred to as Neurofeedback.) The measured values are converted into visible or audible signals in real time. This means that there is always feedback between behavior and the immediate impact on certain functions, which is the basis for the extraordinary learning or training success of biofeedback.

Our Sensory Organs cannot directly measure the vegetative parameters such as skin resistance, skin temperature and others. As a result, we don’t get any feedback on whether the values are within the normal range. We ourselves cannot see whether there is a need for action to influence certain values.

This is where the Biofeedback devices come into play. These measure those physiological parameters, make them visible to the user and usually also offer an initial evaluation of the recorded data. The measured value is often converted into direct reward/punishment feedback by “simply” comparing the measured values with a target value and then giving appropriate feedback. This can be audio feedback, changing light or a graphic. However, “simple” is easier said than done, the processes require a lot of computing power and are complex procedures. For this purpose, our Mindfield biofeedback devices always come with software (for computers) or an App (for smartphones or tablets). Until a few years ago, something like this was not possible in a handy form, today everything fits in a smartphone.

Buy biofeedback devices

A large number of suitable devices are available, some of which can transmit your data to a display device wirelessly via WLAN or Bluetooth®, and some devices are now small and inconspicuous, so that they can also be used in everyday life without any problems. When using it in everyday life, however, it should be borne in mind that the feedback must be direct in terms of time. Headphones in the ear, which give a signal when breathing is too fast, are considered to be biofeedback in the classic sense. A fitness bracelet that collects data throughout the day and creates statistics in the evening is not.

A Biofeedback device can be bought for professional use by doctors, psychotherapists and biofeedback therapists as well as for home use. Both uses have their advantages, often a combination is worthwhile, i.e. first a session together with a professional and then home training guided by them.

Our biofeedback devices

A practical neurofeedback system is the MindMaster BioNeuro 11 with various biofeedback options and the recording of superficial brainwaves (electroencephalogram, EEG).

Typical home biofeedback devices are the eSense Skin Response, the eSense Temperature, the eSense Pulse, the eSense Respiration and the eSense Muscle. Both devices work in conjunction with an app on a smartphone or tablet, e.g. the iPad. You can find more details about the functions of the devices mentioned in the corresponding articles. You can also download our manuals before or without making a purchase and get detailed information about the functions. The eSense Respiration is also an interesting idea for beginners, as it can be used to consciously influence breathing

Bio- & Neurofeedback combined in one device: Our Mindmaster BioNeuro

With the MindMaster BioNeuro we offer for the first time a combination device for biofeedback and neurofeedback. Again, the basis is the new Mindfield MindMaster device concept. Depending on the configuration, it is possible to mix different parameters and integrate them into a training simultaneously. In addition to muscle activity, you can, for example, take a look at the pulse, respiration or even the EEG at the same time.

The outstanding innovations from the two new devices, the MindMaster Bio and the MindMaster Neuro, are combined in this device. If you have decided to purchase a MindMaster Bio or MindMaster Neuro, an upgrade to a MindMaster BioNeuro is possible at any time. You always remain flexible and choose the timing of an investment yourself.

The scope of delivery includes all accessories, such as electrodes, cables, batteries, charger, etc., as well as biofeedback & neurofeedback software. When purchasing, you have the choice between two software variants, both for use in the field of neurofeedback, as well as biofeedback and various software modules. When using them, rely on the simple and safe operability of the hardware and software.

Our MindMaster Devices

MindMaster Bio 6

Biofeedback system with 1-channel EMG, skin conductante (EDA) and temperature, incl. accessories and software.

MindMaster Bio 7

Biofeedback system with 2-channel EMG, skin conductance (EDA), temperature and pulse incl. accessories and software.

MindMaster Bio 8 

Biofeedback system with 2-channel EMG, skin conductance (EDA), temperature, pulse, and respiration. Incl. accessories and software.

MindMaster BioNeuro 6

Combined biofeedback and neurofeedback system with 2-channel EEG, 2-channel EMG, skin conductance (EDA) and temperature. Incl. Accessories and Software.

MindMaster BioNeuro 9

Combined biofeedback and neurofeedback system with 6-channel EEG, 2-channel EMG, skin conductance (EDA), temperature, respiration and pulse. Incl. accessories and software.

MindMaster BioNeuro 11

Combined Biofeedback- und neurofeedback system with 6-Channel EEG & SCP, 2-Channel EMG, Skin Conductance (EDA), Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration, incl. Accessories and Software.

Our eSense Devices for biofeedback at home