Biofeedback Module

The Biofeedback Software Modules

The Biofeedback Modules complement the capabilities of the Biofeedback Performance Software. They offer you proven, scientific treatment approaches in automated modules. Each module has a specific theme and in many cases combines multiple biofeedback parameters into one training screen. Further modules are continuously being developed.

Currently available are 4 modules:

  • EMG Testing Module
  • EMG Training Module
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Module
  • Module stress test

The two modules EMG testing and training enable measurement of muscle groups in standardized procedures and targeted muscle development and balance training. Stabilization or relaxation can be trained in the same way. Practical evaluation options are available for side-by-side comparison with 2 EMG channels.

Heart rate variability is a good indicator of health status and also maps stress tolerance, resilience, and psychological stability. The HRV module trains the coherence of respiration, pulse and blood volume. The subject should learn to improve his heart rate variability, including breathing according to a given pattern. As a result, there should be an alignment between breathing and pulse rate.

In the stress test module, the test person is confronted alternately with stressors of increasing intensity and relaxation phases. Some of the stressors can be chosen individually. Up to five different biofeedback parameters are recorded and displayed. In the subsequent evaluation, one can see to which stimuli the trainee reacted most strongly and how his ability to relax is pronounced.

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Modules example

EMG Testing Module

EMG Testing Module

EMG Training Module

EMG Training Module

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Module

Heart Rate Variability Module

Module stress test

Module stress test

Evaluation screens

EMG testing

EMG testing evaluation

EMG Training

EMG training evaluation


Module HRV Evaluation


Module stress test evaluation