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MindMaster® Neuro 4

MindMaster Neuro 4

The MindMaster Neuro 4 (formerly MindMaster EEG) is our established 2-channel Neurofeedback EEG device. It has been in constant use in over 400 locations in Germany for many years.

It contains the same user-friendly software as all other MindMaster devices, and the accessories are largely identical.

The MindMaster Neuro 4 is an established, value product which can be used in neurofeedback training with 1- and 2-channels. This covers 90% of all use-cases.

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MindMaster® Neuro 9 / 11

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MindMaster® BioNeuro


MindMaster BioNeuro is our first combination device for Biofeedback und Neurofeedback.

Based on the new, modular Mindfield MindMaster device concept. Depending on the configuration, different parameters can be combined, and simultaneously integrated into training. 

Besides muscle activity, you can also take a look at blood flow, respiration or the EEG at the same time. 

Extensive accessories and software for Neurofeedback and Biofeedback are included. There is no parameter or field of application which is not covered in the MindMaster BioNeuro maximum configuration.

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