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The Biofeedback Software

Our MindMaster Biofeedback Software

MindMaster Biofeedback software is designed for advanced and highly flexible peripheral biofeedback. The individual designs each focus on one or even more biofeedback parameters, the user has a variety of options.

A clear and recurring screen structure offers a quick start. Those who already know our neurofeedback software will also recognize the clear line here and will immediately find their way around.

A variety of visual and audible feedback options are available.

The instructor has the determined data available in the form of bars, lines and numerical values (minimum, maximum, various average values). In addition, there are history windows and permanent real-time impedance measurement.

Various visual feedback variants (bars, lines, animations, videos) and acoustic feedback variants are available to the user. Each session is saved and can be analyzed in various evaluation screens, as well as in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

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Main menu

Performance Menü

Impedance measurement

Training screens for individual biofeedback parameters

1-channel EMG

Skin Temperature


2-channel EMG

Skin conductivity

Pulse / Blood flow

Individual screen

All parameters can be freely combined.

Individual feedback for the test person

Feedback screens (examples)

Bars & Animation

Breathing feedback with breathing aid

Line feedback

Vasoconstriction training

Evaluation screens



Skin conductivity