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MindMaster Bio

The biofeedback device according to your requirements!

The MindMaster Bio can simultaneously measure a variety of physiological signals such as muscle tension (EMG), heart rate, blood flow, respiration, skin conductance (EDA) and temperature.

A USB interface makes the application extremely safe and enables interference-free data transmission to the PC and power supply.

The batteries required for operation, along with the charger, are included in the scope of delivery. Within the software is integrated a display about the charge state of the batteries.

The MindMaster Bio is based on the new Mindfield MindMaster device base. The modular design allows you to customize MindMaster Bio before you buy it or upgrade or retrofit it after you buy it.

One objective of the device and software development was ease of use in the field. German software, additional software modules and continuous development are our guarantee for satisfied users.

You can choose between three different variants:

MindMaster Bio 6 – 2-channel EMG, EDA (skin conductance), temperature, software biofeedback performance

MindMaster Bio 7 – 2-channel EMG, EDA (skin conductance), temperature, pulse, Biofeedback Performance software, one software module

MindMaster Bio 8 – 2-channel EMG, EDA (skin conductance), temperature, pulse, respiration, Biofeedback Performance software, two software modules

Upgrading or customizing your MindMaster Bio is possible at any time.

Here you can see our available configurations at a glance:

Our current catalog as PDF (in German)