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Neurofeedback Performance

The Neurofeedback Performance software

Performance Collage

Neurofeedback Performance Software is designed for advanced and highly flexible neurofeedback training. The individual designs are still adapted to specific requirement criteria, but the user has even more options to make free settings.

The modular software architecture unravels the structure of the software and the user can design the session quickly and precisely as well as according to his training goal. A clear and recurring screen structure allows him to maintain an overview. More overview windows and evaluations for advanced users have been added.

For beginners we recommend Neurofeedback Basic, for advanced or more experienced users Neurofeedback Performance or both.

Neurofeedback Performance software emphasizes peak performance applications, offers multiple 2-channel training screens and protocols designed after studies. The high flexibility of this software allows basically any application.

The Neurofeedback Performance can be purchased optionally with the purchase of our Master devices or at any later time when there is already confidence in using Neurofeedback.

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Main menu


Performance Menü

Performance Menu

Impedance measurement


Screens for an overview of the EEG

Test screen

Test screen

Raw signal & FFT

Raw signal FFT

Standard situation

Standard situation

Trainer screens

Basic screen

Basic screen


1Channel trainer screen


2Channel trainer screen

A-Score Training

AScore Training

Peniston protocol

Peniston protocol


Relaxation training

Feedback screens

Bars & Animation

Basic screen feedback


Performance Pacman

A-Score Feedback

A-Score Feedback


Relaxation feedback

Snail race

Performance snail race

Light bulb

Performance light bulb

Evaluation screens



Evaluation 2


Evaluation 3


Evaluation of two sessions

Evaluation 2files

Evaluation of two channels

Evaluation 2channels