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Bittium Faros 180 - High End 24 hours ECG device

Bittum Faros 180

The Faros 180 Sensor is a portable, externally applicable electrocardiogram (ECG) recorder and wireless transmitter for ECG measurement, R-R interval data measurement and body motion capture. While our eSense Pulse is suitable for short-term HRV measurements, the Faros 180 is perfect for long-term measurements due to its light weight (20 grams) and small dimensions.

Bittum Faros 180

Its tiny size and light weight (20 grams) are what make the Faros special. Therefore, it can be comfortably worn on the chest for long-term measurements without being noticed. You can wear it during the day, while sleeping or even while showering (it is also waterproof). We have also created a comparison of the Faro with the eSense Pulse.

To attach the sensor to the body, we recommend our 24-hour long-term electrodes. However, other options are also possible. A normal cable for the connection of push-button electrodes is included in the scope of delivery of the Faro. Electrodes themselves are not included, so please order our 24 hour long term electrodes in addition.


More information

The sensor monitors the patient ECG and can generate event markers thanks to the integrated arrhythmia detection algorithms. The recorded data can either be read out via a Bluetooth connection with a wireless device or transferred to a PC via the USB connection (subsequently).

The particularly innovative technology of the Bittium Faros series makes it possible to offer very high ECG signal quality in a lightweight, comfortable, waterproof and high quality finish.

Before you can treat a heart disorder, you have to recognize it. Whether the abnormality is asymptomatic, paroxysmal, or postoperative, a reliable device with a precise and accurate ECG signal is required. It is often necessary to measure the ECG over several days for some cardiac arrhythmias (e.g. atrial fibrillation). The more data your ECG machine can capture the better the chances of detecting and recording these events.



Bittium Faros sensors, despite their precision, are also comfortable to wear and very easy to use. Patented attachment options allow them to choose the optimal attachment: Measure the ECG discreetly under your clothing with disposable push-button electrodes or with the unique Bittium FastFix™ wearable patch electrode (available in bulk only upon request, not in stock).



Bittium Faros waterproof ECG devices are CE and FDA 510 (k) approved Class IIa medical devices.


Select the Farros at

  • Long-term ECG measurements
  • Long-term HRV measurements (RR intervals)
  • Long term motion measurements

Technical data

  • 1-channel ECG
  • IP67 waterproof
  • ECG sampling rate up to 1000 Hz, adjustable
  • 3D accelerated sampling rate up to 100 Hz, adjustable
  • Bluetooth: API available, range up to 100 m
  • Data storage capacity up to 180 days*.
  • Charging time: Approx. 1.5 hours
  • Data transfer: Micro USB download
  • Data format: EDF (European Data Format)
  • Battery life up to 8 days*
  • Color: Blue

*dependent on number of channels and sampling rate


Kubios HRV Premium Software


Many of our customers are interested in combining the Faros 180 with Kubios HRV Scientific (formerly Premium) software. This is suitable for both scientific research and professional use for biofeedback trainers. The Kubios HRV Premium software offers you detailed HRV analyses with over 40 analysis parameters and can therefore be perfectly combined with the Bittum Faros 180. (Note: The data is recorded by the Faros in EDF format. This format is compatible only with the Kubios Premium version, but not with the free Kubios Standard version).


Comparison eSense Pulse and Bittium Faros 180

For short-term measurements, we also have the eSense Pulse in our range. We performed a 10-minute measurement for comparison with both devices as a test. It shows a high precision and agreement of the data collected in parallel on one person. The curves lie so exactly on top of each other that the curve underneath in blue is hardly recognizable:

eSense Pulse vs Faros 180


Scope of delivery

  • Bittium Faros 180 sensor
  • clip-on electrode cable set
  • Micro USB cable
  • User manual
  • EDF Viewer software
  • Faros Manager software to adjust the sensor settings.

No electrodes included in the scope of delivery! Please order our 24 hour long term electrodes in addition. No software for data analysis included, please order the Kubios HRV Scientific (formerly Premium) software for this purpose.